Market Development Supervisor 2 UNDERGRADUATE HK, Shenzhen

1. According to the company's strategy, carry out market development works for Hong Kong Modular Integrated Construction (MiC) projects.

2. As the main contact person for Hong Kong markets, maintain relationships with clients.
3.Approaching potential clients, establishing connections and relationships, obtaining inquiries or bidding invitations.
4. Collect market information and report to department in time.
5. Review the bidding documents of projects and summarize key information, and report internally.
6. Lead the bidding and quotation work, summarize cost and technical information, and prepare proposed quotation and technical documents to submit to potential clients.
7. Summarize, assist, coordinate potential clients inquiries and actively respond.
8. Monitor the progress of bidding and quotation.
9. Pay attention to market trends, conduct cost and quotation analysis, collect subcontracting and supplier resources, and enhance the company's cost competitiveness.
10. Follow up on tasks assigned by leaders.


1. Bachelor's degree or above in Construction Engineering, Architecture, Structural Engineering, Civil Engineering, Engineering Management, Quantity Surveyor or related majors;
2. Having experiences of three years or more in Hong Kong construction industry as quantity surveyor, with bidding experience and wide connection preferred.
3. Able to deliver work with high quality before bidding deadlines.
4. Cantonese, English and Mandarin as working languages.
5. Be good at continuous learning.
6. The workplace in Hong Kong and business trips are required.
7. Have good personal image and temperament, optimistic, vitality, good at communication.

Design Manager 2 UNDERGRADUATE Shenzhen,Jiangmen

1. As the technical representative of the company, to communicate, clarify, and confirm design requirements with overseas (mainly Hong Kong) clients, local branches and contractor, local consultants and relevant parties;

2. Lead the company's project design team to provide competitive solutions to client;

3. Familiarize with the bidding process and design requirements for overseas (mainly Hong Kong) projects; organize and cooperate with other departments of the company, to prepare bidding packages;

4. Organize the review of project technical proposals, review the technical proposals, drawings, and materials for building, structure, interior decoration, mechanical and electrical, HVAC, etc. of the project;

5. Assist other departments of the company to control project cost;

6. After the project completion, organize technical reviews to continuously summarize and solidify the project experience for onward improvements;

7. Organize project materials to ensure a comp and traceable filing;

8. Familiar with both statutory and contractual project approval process and organization of approval documents.


1. Bachelor's degree or above in architecture or related interior design, with at least 8 years of post-qualification working experience;

2. Good communication and coordination skills, with English and Chinese as working languages;

3. Strong sense of goal, with a passion to unite the team and strive wholeheartedly to achieve the goal;

4. Have independent experience in building engineering design and construction, and experience in prefabricated buildings is preferred;

5. Have experience in architectural design or construction in Hong Kong.
Project Manager 2 UNDERGRADUATE Shenzhen , Jiangmen

1. Fully responsible for project management of specific projects, responsible for project safety, cost, quality, schedule control, and completion of project KPI indicators formulated by the company;

2. Determine the organization and responsibilities of the project team, decompose and implement the company's KPI indicators, and formulate project assessment, evaluation and incentive plans;

3. Responsible for implementing the company's quality / environment / occupational health and safety policy and overall goals within this project;

4. Strictly fulfill the contract signed with the construction unit and the project incentive plan signed with the company, and carry out phased target control to ensure the realization of the project goals;

5. Responsible for organizing the preparation of project quality plan, project management implementation plan or construction organization design, organizing related basic work such as engineering design changes, approximate budget adjustments, claims, etc., and cooperate with the company to do work inspection and valuation work;

6. Responsible for the optimal allocation and dynamic management of production factors such as manpower, materials, mechanical equipment, technology, and information for construction projects, and actively promote and apply new technologies, new processes, and new materials;

7. Responsible for coordinating internal and external issues of the project.


1. Bachelor degree or above, graduated from civil engineering, municipal administration, hydropower, industrial and civil construction, civil engineering and other related majors;

2. More than seven years of engineering management work experience in the construction industry, working experience as a project manager of a regular construction company for at least 3 years; able to communicate effectively with customers, designers, monitoring units, third-party testing agencies, etc .;

3. Familiar with the construction related laws, regulations, policies and industry codes of Australia, UK,HK China and other project locations; be aware of the local construction organization and worker arrangement, and understand the local construction situation;

4. Familiar with the preliminary planning, design work content, process and key links of the project;

5. Familiar with project cost budget and settlement, including basement, foundation and standard floor construction / renovation.